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Rams pure vegetarian limited trading as RAMs, is a only serve pure vegetarian Indian food restaurant in the heart of Kenton, specialising in punjabi, south indian and specialist surti cuisine. We offer a variety of choice from South and North India and Indochinese dishes.

Customers can expect to dine in an authentic and welcoming setting cooked by our handpicked chefs from the regional areas of these exquisite dishes. You will experience a mouth-watering sensation in tasting these authentic recipes vaguely altered by our master chefs to provide a contemporary and personal touch to the menu.

Alongside our dining experience we provide an incomparable food service where no number is too small or great for our highly skilled team. Having won the Time Out Award we aim to explore every possibility in providing our customers with an incomparable service and our highly rated creations such as Kulfi. (Traditional Indian ice cream made with full cream).

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